Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The feeling I got after reading about Amr is that he's a man who just follows his own path despite other people's opinions..when I say people opinion , I'm talking about Egyptian critics, some people in the film industry who want to ban this brotha for just doing his work along an Israeli actor... In Egypt, there's still a strong Anti-Israeli sentiment, and by accepting to play in the BBC series about Sadam Hussein, and realizing that by working w/the actor Igal Naor he would probably get in trouble..but I love the fact that Amr didn't let that stop him... But that's not the only controversy about this brotha, he speaks out about the treatment given to people who suffer from AID'S..apparently in Egypt, HIV victims & homosexuals are jailed and treated like nothing in their own country... But this intellectual brotha who studied economics has 1 mind of his own and is not afraid of the consequences..Amr started his career in theater, and in short egyptian movies, his big break was the movie "Lilie" in 2001..

I don't remenber him in the movie "Syriana" but he had 1 role in this Hollywood production ... Wishing him a beautiful trip in the movie industry, may I add that I find him actually fine:)
I found Lilie on youtube, you can actually watch the whole movie here:
A short video clip of the miniseries "Between two rivers"abt the life of Sadam Hussein:

Djaa my Egyptian brothas sont dedans aussi:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)

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