Friday, May 09, 2008


Ohiyeeeee no one like you!!!...Love love that the Nigerian
twin duo P- Square, I firat heard it on a great nigerian wedding website: ..and I was dying to know who sang it..done deal!!

A little bit about P Square for those like me who are just now taking the chance 2 discover them,it's made of Peter and Paul Okoye . Peter is the choreographer , he's responsible for all those cool moves, their stage presence ectt..while Paul at his turn assure the musical production... both twins play musical instruments... write their own songs...which shows the desire to stay original... At their beg' , things were a bit difficult, they didn't have their father's aproval and their mother was criticized for allowing her sons to be in the secular world since she was involved in Christian ministry.

Dancing was their first love, they used to dance for private parties ect..they got involved in a local talent show around 2001 which they won...2 stars were born...They were nominated for a Kora Award in 2002..even though they didn't win, it does prove that they are very talented Both brothas are in college, for them music is first a passion...that they are happy to be able to live of. When asked about the difficulties to do business in their home country, they complain about the way club & party promoters handle business in Nigeria...but P Square love their craft and their fans.. After reading their bio on their webbie, I was left w/the impression that they are 2 young men who want 2 keep growing in the music industry, bring a higher level of music in videos for exple, twins who know where they come from and who try 2 stay humble while trying to enjoy the rewards of their hard work..

Here's the video for
" No One Like You":
The video for "Do Me":
Their webbie:

Djaa my Naija men a
re hopeless romantic:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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