Thursday, May 22, 2008


**Thank you for this gift, Lord.!!

Carmen is Cape Verdian , but grew up in Portugal where her mother and father who was a sailor immigrated to..She stayed in tune w/her African culture, through the language and the music..both her grandad and father played instruments and sang a bit of "sodade"...

When she was 1 teenager she sang in a choir, w/a soulful and soft voice like hers there was no way that one day someone would not be interested in signing her..since she was 17 she's just done that sang on her own...
Her music is not regular "sodade" but it's colored w/a bit of soul and jazz, her lyrics are still melancholic, a bit saddish, hopeful and def' pro-Cap Vert..she plays the guitar as well and is backed up by a cool band (we never give it up for the band players..even though they're very important)

She's one of the new Cape Verdian artists who take chances musically, and by doing so bring new Cape Verdian music lovers...
I listened to her song " Ess e nha Cabo Verde" and I really liked it was soft, jazzy , full of real's also the title of her latest album this one she gives us a glimpse of her emotional's a more personal record...
I say....try this sweet and focused and very talented sista,she's def' somebody I would love to see live...if you hear me sista..come through to Dakar..:)

here's her site:

Here's the video of her song Afri ka: (I was dancing on my seat listening to this....)

Djaa my Sistas from Cap Vert sont dedans aussi:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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