Monday, May 26, 2008


Sublime, j'aime bcp!
Cool purse for a relaxed day
Oh Waouh!
African divine
Gorgeous no question....!!

Aight I don't recall where I went but they were passing around these cute little flyers about the designs of Laeticia @ l'Hotel Teranga de Dakar so I thought to myself why not... On Saturday w/Sheeva we decided to stop by the Hotel and see...I knew I didn't have the mullah but I still wanted to see what Ekoba was about.. I wasn't disapointed at all , beautiful warm colors, brown, orange, dark red, leather, fabric, turquoise, ambre,leather ,mina , perls, silver..ect...
Africa was certainly represented...

I've come 2 realize that my people in Senegal aren't really that interested in arts but I was kinda hoping that there were 1 few people who would be open minded enough to come and see even if they didn't buy anything right there... Laeticia who is half Benenise and Togolese was so humble and nice, she def' is about Afrika, she's a pretty known and respected artist that has appeared in so many mags, French & African..I'll name a few, AM (1 of my fav' African mags), Amina of course, She tells me that one of the main reasons she chose to come to Senegal is because even though she has pretty big clients from other parts of the world, she still would like for us African sistas 2 appreciate our African jewelry of which she's a "teacher"...I feel her on that one...:)
One of her trademarks, is that she's very particular about
finishing touches..details... you know how like you will buy a bag but you can tell that it was cheaply done, well she takes time making each piece w/love and pride and u could feel it in her voice...

Ekoba is not just jewelry & bags, it's also house deco w/beautiful sheets, curtains, ect...
She also sells sculpture pieces...ect..bref u get the picture ..Ekoba is a whole lot. Anywhoo I digged it and I thought I would share it w/y'all...

Here's the webbie:

Djaa my ladies from Togo & Benin are more fiyaaa:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


.Souleymane DIEYE said...

Quel talent!

Fafa said...

Elle a de beaux trucs; very artistic...mais bon c'est normal: elle est Togolaise!!!!!!!!