Thursday, May 22, 2008


I discovered Claudia on the Jamel Comedy Club Show..she was tooo funnyy!! From that point on I was hooked...she has so much life to her...I thought she was a comedian but that was it, but when I saw the French movie Congoroma..I was like..ok Claudia is serious about her craft.
Claudia was born in Abidjan and moved to France w/her family as a child, she was always into entertaining people around it was no suprise to her family when she decided to study acting after high school.
Claudia has always been a confident and hopeful actor who never hesitated to present herself to all kinds of casting, not afraid that the color of her skin will work agaisnt her..and she was right...
When I read her CV , I am impressed by how diverse it is, she played in
"Fatou la Malienne", had a role in the short movies "La Dictee", "Lettre a A
bou" ...she also played in classical theater pieces like "Candide", "Demandez nous pardon",she has also played in the movies "Ma Vie sans Meg Ryan" (interestin title), "Sexe, Gombo, & Atieke", need I keep on going... Right now, you can see her on TV French tv , "R.I.S".. Claudia is def' 1 one of thew Fabulafricana women to be doing her thang in France... This multitalented sista is a complete artist, she can sing , dance...I just love her natural look, her curves that she embraces without complex....she feels really connected to her native Ivory Coast but is for now pursuing her professional goals in Europe... Even though the Jamel Comedy has been really good to her, she doesn't want to be categorized as a comedian, rather as an actress period..I feel u sis...
we love u "CRAZY CLAUDIA"
Here's a short interview of the very charismatic sista: Here's the clip of Claudia on the Jamel Comedy Club (looooooved it) Here's her webbie:

Claudia fais ton boucan sista:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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