Saturday, May 31, 2008


Sakina in the middle among her models

Interesting non...
Love the top
A little too much for me but really interesting

I like it
En tout cas Sakina doesn't play dee...!!

Interesting yet complicated ..maybe detailed will be a more suitable word would describe best Sakina and her line. At 35 years old , being in the industry for more than 10 years Sakina is very far yet very close to the little girl that moved w/her parents to Marseilles..Even back then she was into details, colors , design..when she was 15 she was trained w/a respected costum designer, Genevieve Sovien D...
As she evolved in the late nineties,early 00's , more french personalites became interested in the work of this little lady...She ecountered great minds such as the philosophe Jean Baudrillard who by the way inspired her latest collection... When u see Sakina, you see subtle games of selvedge, pleat..what I love is the way she makes the fabric fall so graciously on the body, love how she can make silk, cotton , lace, leather ect look so romantic..when I see her pieces , I'm taking waouh these are garnments one should take delicate care of...I gotta say that I love details so Sakina's line speaks to me:)
In love w/fabric, in love w/poetry this sista is as well...She also creates workshop where she encourages young creators to find their own identity and express it freely over their designs..

While other great designers rather have their flag stores in the very chic neighberhoods of Paris, Sakina is still au 18eme (my french peeps will know) I guess the rebellious ado who was into Punk still lives within the elegant designer... Anywhoo for more on the sista, here's her site:
Here's a video clip of one her fashion shows:

Djaa my ladies from les Iles Comores sont dedans aussi:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)

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