Monday, May 12, 2008


Sadika Designs, I love the perfume bottle at the top of the page

Sadika Vase

U know how I feel about a passionate person right?:) That's why you won't be surprised that I love the success story of
Sadika Kamoun Keskes, while doing my research on this lady I found out how she looooves her work ...
2 work in a extremely hot environment , you have 2 love what u do...Sadika and her employees have to bear the heat of glass ovens that must stay on for 24 hours straight.... Sadika's work has been showcased in museums around the world, her work presented in art magazines, but I'm just now discovering her..there's always something to learn about our talented people.. Besided her studio, she also created her own art space, where other artists can showcase their work, seminaries can take place...ect On her website, she presents different gorgeous and refined collections, from vases , lamps, luminaries, beautiful jars, perfume bottles , candle-holders...much more...

But you get the idea..this is def' hard labor , long hours..but Sadika doesn't mind , for her glass is life, when she's in her studio she feels home...wonderful feeling to have while working..don't u think:)

Here's her website:

Djaa my ladies from Tunisia sont dedans aussi:) Eyee Wayeee:)

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nehanda said...

i stumbled on your blog earlier last year, then, well, i got all flustered and today, voila, i saw your blog again. hurrey! im super excited. going ahead and adding you to my blogroll. how is senegal?

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