Thursday, May 15, 2008


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L'ile Maurice
One of the suites

When I was going through the fabulous pictures of this Mauritius resort, I was like man can't wait for the day when I make mucho mucho the meantime why not dream...and be proud 2 see such opulence on an African Island..:) The Saint Geran resort lays on 60 acres of features 3 great restaurants, if I were given the chance to go , I would def' try "La Terasse" which serves local delicacies as well.
The Saint Geran offers 2 types of suites; The Junior Suite & the Ocean Suite..the decoration will remind you of colonial times,Dutch , French influences... Like I said earlier $$$ is an issue bu take this each one of the Ocean Suite offers a private diner room, a master bedroom w/1 king size bed, I heard the view is stuning...looking outside you'll have 1 beautiful view of the Indian Ocean,white sand beach,coconut palmtrees..beautiful sky....
If you wanted 2 stay active they offer windsurfing, kayak , pedal boats,horse riding, beach soccer , tennis,ect..they also special activities for children (special menus, kids games ectt)
That's not it, they also offer spa!! I've looked everywhere to find their official webbie, but to no avail.. I found countless of webbies that offer to find you suitable arrangements anywhoo here's 1:
Here's 1 cool blog abt l'Ile Maurice:

Djaaa we can have some relaxed time in some luxurious hotels our continent:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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