Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Mmm I'm so happy ...it was about time ..that book is genius!

I recomend it to all humankind!

Fatou and the Director

Movie Scene...


Fatou Ndiaye....go girl!!

My ALL TIME FAVOURITE, the 1 that changed my perspective of life has been adapted on screen.....
I'm so thrilled and Excited..even though I don't know if I wanna see the movie though because I don't want to be disapointed..
Anywhoo this 1 my description of the book that I wrote last year on my perso' blog:

"Anybody that trully knows me has at least heard me once mention this book ...I know that we've all heard about the Genocide in Rwanda , the conflict btwthe Hutus and Tutsis.We've all seen at least a documentary, or the movie "Hotel Rwanda" donc c'est a peine si les gens ne sont pas blases when we talk about this crime against humanity that we ourselves humans are responsible for..

However never have we heard of this particular voice, this particular view of the facts..
One of the reasons why this book sounded so real to me, is the way the narrator expresses his view; it's honest, nude, pretentious , foolish, hopeful, nasty, sordid, kind, scary, passionate , all those emotions that we all feel as human beings and are sometimes afraid to show..
This book is a book inside of another..it talks about the genocide, the growth of Aids, the prostitution, the helpesness of these people who knew that their futur were nonexistant and who basically lived a l'envers, their own toward their indifference in front of death, their pronounced sexuality.
It also shows us how an excess of sentiment of superiority planted in the head of generations and generations can affect the lives of million of people, and how poverty is as at the roots of most social problems..

This is also a piece about a man and a woman like most couples are hopeful to the point of being unrealistic..

It's also about the sacrifice of oneself for the one whose life we value more in critical situations and also the acceptance of things being just what they trully are..

Like I always say, sometimes one cannot always change things at the particular moment that we would like, it has 2 be on God's time...
Bref, bref I def' recomend this book to humankind!!"

Anywoo so the Senegalo-French actress Fatou Ndiaye plays the role of Gentille (mm interesting choice I thought....) She won for best actress at the Marakesh Film Festival.
You might remenber for her role in the movie "Fatou la Malienne"....

Go on sista, congrats for expanding your horizons and not being afraid to take on challenging roles....

Djaa We will never forget the Genocide in Rwanda:)
Djaa Senegalese Women are Fierce:)
Eye Wayee:)

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