Monday, January 22, 2007


Koffi Anan to me will always be symbol of the mission of the UN

Come on People...let's read meaningful lit' sometimes

Beautiful Man

“There’s a confusion between the U.N. as a stage and the U.N. as an actor. As an actor, there’s so little we can do, and often the people accusing us are the same ones who prevent us from being able to act.”
says Bob Orr 1 of Koffi Anan's Former Senior Advisors.

I mean to be quite honest what do we really expect from the UN when they are actually just coordinators in a game where all the players are set to beat the other..

We are always so quick to blame the UN and 2 say that they are not doing their job..but truthfully what room do they have really ..??

Koffi Anan says it best : "The secretary general’s position is very lonely”
Another excellent quote I read as well in the New York Times is :
"A secretary general is precisely what the title says: a secretary beholden to 192 bosses, all seeking power while pretending to serve the common good"

Anywhoo in his new book, James Traub paint a potrait of our beloved Koffi Anan with his triumps, his losses, his loneliness, his class, "his trying to fight for an idea in a shark infected political climate"

It's been a wonderful run for Anan, it hasn't been easy but I believe that he chose his fights that he could win, he always tries to promote peace, and handled the scandal w/his son w/ alot class and wisdom..

I appreciated that he took responsability for not having handled the genocide in Rwanda the best way takes 1 real man to apologise for its shortcomings.
Bottom line he was only 1 MAN w/a staff trying to calm sharks down, and install peace where he could...

I don't think it's right for us as Human beings to ask from the UN to be perfect..ain't no way.
Anywhoo the book is called -The Best Intentions: Kofi Annan and the Un in the Era of American World Power , and u can find it at Barnes & Nobles & Amazon for around 22 Euros

Djaa Ghana will always be proud of you Koffi Anan:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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