Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I love this picture..devotion time!!

The Famous Friday Mosque of Chinguetti

The Oasis

A man studying in the Islamic libary

Man there are still so much that I'm learning about our beautiful African continent...

Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to discover the Western World when we haven't even started getting to know our Africa...wouldn't you agree?

This beautiful city was created in the 13th century in a beautiful Mauritanian oasis..It's very important historically because of it's great Islamic character. In fact , Chinguitta holds 5 libraries of Qu'ranic texts from ancient times.

Another interesting thing I learned is that during the pilgrimage to Mecca, people from the Maghreb will stop there on their way to the Mecca. For those of you who are spiritual, Im sure you can understand why this city is special.

Even though today it is threatened by the phenomen of desertification, this city because of so many factors such as the Friday Mosque of Chinguetti remains a World Heritage Site.
Yes my people ...we need to go out there and see all these beautiful things that we have.

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Djaa Mauritania is fiya:)
Eyee Wayeee:)


Anonymous said...

i like ur blog: the colors are nice and the info is relevant. though i'm not into fashion, the other stuff is of interest to me, mainly what young african women are doing out there, even our men for that matter. this post is special to me b/c i admire the mauritanian heritage od Islam and how they cherish it til this day. if u meet a Mauritanian and u start talking to him abt religion, the first think he/she will mention is the Quran, thta's how it's dear to them. masha Allah. in light of this post u could also do one of the heritage in Mali (which is one fo ur hometowns right?) it often tends to be ignored but the city of Djenne...the name says it all...Janaah (in Arabic) aka Paradise. Let us cherish our heritages and spread the word. i wnat to discover these places. wasalaam sister.

Africainement said...

Salam Anonymous :)
Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words..
Im into fashion but I am so into so many other things..and I hope this blog reflects that...I haven't had the opportunity to talk our fellow Mauritanian brothas and sistas in a long time...but now that u say that Im looking forward to it..I'll def' do a piece on the city of Djenne (gotta repp for my thank you for stopping by and I hope that u do..what do u do in londom? what part of Africa are you from?