Monday, January 22, 2007


For those of you In Paris, I guess u can check him out on the 24th

Kaysha in Angola

Kaysha in Concert

Kaysha ..Kaysha ...Where do I start of w/this sexy singer.

Some of you may know him for his song"Kaysha on dit quoi"..
He's what I would call our Puff Daddy ut in a much more humble note.

A savy businessman , he never shies away from promoting himself in the local french, American, African(from all parts Angola, Senegal, ect...) Very smart young man who understood that even though he was famous..he wasn't enough to turn his nose to his people.

He promotes himself also on various web sites that attract the youth such as HI5....ect

He was born 33 years ago in Zaire, and from an early age he travelled everywhere in the world which I believe gave him an edge over African artists.

He started by producing for local French neo-soul/rap artists such as Passi, Solar,our favourite sexy teddybear Jacob Desvarieux..ect...and decided to not hide his talent to the the world after winning a beauty talent show in Europe (I guess he knows that he's fine

Anywhoo he has 5 cds* under his belt, mixing zouk, r&b, kizomba, couper decaller..
I'm telling y'all this DUDE IS SMART!!

Anywhoo u wanna know more 'bout him, here's his webbie:

Kaysha on dit quoi meme:)

Eyee Wayee:)

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