Thursday, January 11, 2007


The pretty singer

She's just a sexy person..some people just can't help it's their nature::)

Love the bow..

OK......I thought to myself after reading about the singer Rania Hussein commonly known as Ruby (thruthfully I like her name Rania better..but um it's subjective)

There's this huge controversy about her in Egypt for having appeared in a belly dancer outfit in 1 of her videos and challeging Shakira w/her moves...

Ok.let's remenber that Egypt is for the most part a conventional Muslim country and after having read about Oum Kaltoum (the biggest Egyptian diva) I could tell that general approval in that part of the world is pretty important..even thu u could argue w/me that it is just how it is in Africa as a whole....

Our 24 year old lolita was introduced to the world of entertaiment by the most respected egyptian director Sherif Sabri. He noticed her at a party when while dancing she mesmirised the whole crowd. He saw star quality in her right away and cast her soon after in the movie
Saba' Waraqat Kutshina which opened both the doors of criticism and success to her.

Even the Islamist politician Hamdi Hassan, of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood accuses her or corrupting the mind of the Egyptian youth.

No matterwhat.... our little star keeps shining doin things her way..isn't it how we are nowadays?

At the same time , dans la limite du respect shouldn't we be allowed to express ourselves ?

I can understand that conservative people might be chocked at the same time I can understand and appreciate a bit of sensuality..I haven't seen enough of her work to be able to make an appropriate judgement...

But if you are interested, you could check out her work, videos ect:

Djaa Egyptian Women sont des "Fierceuse"(u can call the Larousse police on Wayee:)

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