Monday, January 29, 2007


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Her latest book

Hadja Lelia Abouela

This post is overdue...and it's in thanks to 1 the readers (word up Sudaniya)
Thanks for introducing me to the litterary world of Dr. Leila Aboulela (yes she holds a PHD..excuse me )

She's an Egyto-Sudanese writter of 4 books , the latest is called "Minaret" , she was the Caine Prize Winner in 2000 for her book "The Museum",& the Orange Prize Winner for the book "The Translator" (which I just purchase this weekend..I'll be sure 2 let u know what I think of it)
She's also a playwritter (is there anything this woman doesn't do)

Anywhoo her background is that she was born and grew up in Khartoum Sudan in a family where women were God-Fearing but ambitious. In fact, her mother was the first woman Sudanian demographer .

Something that I found interesting about her is the fact that she felt more comfortable wearing the hijab once she moved to England . She explained that it was easier to do it in the Western world because of the freedom of expression, versus if she was to wear the hijab back in Sudan she would have 2 deal w/her friends or her entourage's reaction.

Hun that's intersting & very honest I thought.

She's a devout Muslim and apparently her writting can attest of that, for example in her latest book "Minaret"she talks about the fact that Muslim women who live in the Western World who don't necessarly feel the need to leave but rather live with great depth their Islamic identities....

Mm quite interesting....goes on to show that wearing the hijab or being trully religious is not a handicap in could still in the world of today and prepare yourself for the other world*

Djaa Sudanese women are very interesting:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Anonymous said...

MAD respect for the woman. I'm going to check her out! Thanks so much for ur website, I learn so much from it, keep it coming sister! This post hits home because I started wearing hijab in the West and I know this option would have been very difficult back home in W. Africa [my family still quetsions it]. I feel free and I feel more confident because I see how I can be the best of both. It's hard to combine but that's what life is all about right? Take care sis!

Wholeheartedly-sudaniya said...

oh my god!
Thank you very very much!
I happen to be ""sudaniya""":)
well leila aboulela is repping sudan and all of AFRICA!
I absolutely adore this website and thanks again 4 keeping me updated...
and yes african women are doing it sooo damn well!