Monday, January 22, 2007

AYAAN HIRSI ALI -THE WOMAN BY WHOM STARTED THE ISLAMIC CONTREVORSY takes a lot of courage to be her that I personally don't have & don't particularly wish 2 have!

Beautiful Woman-portrait of her in the New VOGUE

With Age comes Wisdom!

Ayaan & Cond'..2 powerful women!

Portrait of a Strong Woman

"I was young , fiery, and impatient when I said the things I did. I now realize that the changes I want to make won't be immediate"says Ayaan Hirsi Ali...I say it takes a humble and strong woman to recognise their "whateva" you perceive it as "mistake" or just the "truth of the situation when it happened"......

Whether I agree with Ayaan or not I can't help but recognise her strength and courage, and at least her honesty. Born in Mogadiscio 37 years ago, in a country that was torn by civil war , hunger , very ealry on Ayaan has been submitted to "strict Islamic rules". She was excised at the age of 5 years under the order of her tradional grandma. During her youth , she will move around in Africa. She also respected the use of the hijab as a young woman.

At the age of 23 years old, after her father arranged her wedding w/someone she fairly knew. She took refuge in the Netherland. That's where she will attend college and be an excellent student. From there she will go on to win a seat in the Dutch Parliament. That's when things will go downhill; due to her candide nature Ayaan exposed her"not -so -kind" thoughts about Islam (of course that drew a lot of attention)

What? An Africa Woman had the audacity to question some aspects of Islam. The other problem that she faced was the fact during her immigration process , she also lied about her identity and her age...

You can easily imagine the rest, scandal, political personalities were questioning whether or not she should keep her seat. She was also facing death threats from the Islamic community.

Finally she moved to the Land of the Free!! where she's been trying to adapt to her notoriety she was also named 1 the 100 most influencal people by Times magazine.

Anywhoo..anywhoo she wrote a book called "The Infidel" where u can read more 'bout her.

Djaa Somalian Woman are fearless:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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