Thursday, January 04, 2007


Parfait jouant le petit thiof:) be a surprise this 1 was 1 big 1!

Finding 1 of my younger brotha's childhood friends in the role of an MC is trully amazing..:)

I didn't know that he had nor the talent or desire..I remenber being a sweet and timid person..& today he's a fierce young man w/a mission and a message...Waouh
Anywhoo he was born in Benin 26 years ago, lived in Niger but mostly in Dakar during his youth. He recalled those times as being challenging in the sense that he felt that he didn't belonged anywhere .

Senegal reminded him that he wasn't technically his
Benin reminded him at his turn that he left him a long time ago...
Where did he belong? (Im sure a lot of people can relate to that issue)

Anywhoo he discovered his love for words during those trying times, and today as a student in Portland , he's following his dreams....

Very interesting prose by a young spiritual man..

Give him a chance he deserves it!!

Djaa les Beninois sont dans le auch:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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