Thursday, January 04, 2007


Bathroom de reve

Cheteetete..not right..just not right:(

Lounging Area

Master Bedroom

Crustaces...can somebody take me already?

Bedroom ...again!

Water & Sun

Since y'all have been loving my piece about Singita , I've decided to explore w/yall if y'all allow me more destinations de reve in Africa.... Angelique Kidjoe pronounces it...ok I'll stop!! as you may already know or not , Seychelles is made up of 40 little islands, 1 of which is the North Island where you can find the North Island Lodge made up of 11 guest houses....mmm where you can enjoy, quiet, blue lagon water, spa treatment w/ur boo or by yourself lol..scuba diving, walking by the water, fishing lounging..simply Enjoy life....!!!

Anywhoo wanna see more...I got you..relax:

Djaa les Iles Seychelles are very interesting...:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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