Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The Designers of Sun Goddess

Love the criss-cross action on top of the dress...very earthy!

Nice skirt

Very..very chic..for a cocktail party w/people who understand style though lol...

Love the tie in in the front and the details at the back of the dress

Ouhhh Sharp and Sexy without showing any skin..that's what Im talkin about

Part of their swinsuit collection

La belle de la soire

Floral dans l'elegance

Loove the colors and the details


Lovely colors and dress

Gorgeous..Colorful..Vibrant...Abs' Fabulous Stuff!!

Man I remenber a while back I didn't know much about the creators, didn't have much pictures..mmm !!

Anywhoo let me get back to the matter at hand,Thando and Vanya Mangaliso a husband & wifey (isn't that cool to be in love and make $ together mmm) are the creators of SunGodess...naways they draw their inspiration from their South African culture. They started their company in 2001 and haven't looked back ever since. Their goal is to repp' their culture to the fullest using beautiful clothes.

Their clients include South African celebrities, actors, singers...ect.

Anywhoo u could take a look at their stuff at the following:

Djaa South African designers are Fierceee:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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