Thursday, April 29, 2010


All the pictures featured here are courtesy of l'Atelier Photographique (click on the link)Dibiterie ,poverty, persistance,courage,dirt are words that come up to
my mind when I look at this pic

Tradition and pride


Courage mon frere

Rainiy season and its share of poto poto as we call it in Mali

Brigadier sabari...

La fete & Congolese people


I love the photographic work of Congolese photographer Serge Gatien Sita Valloni.
I've been looking for more info about the man behind the lenses but it was quite hard to find any.
What I gathered however is that growing up in Brazzaville he was in love with camera and would ask photographers to take pics of him regularly until one day his mama got tired and bought him a cheap camera. Later on,his uncle gave him a much advanced camera thus started his discovery and photo/documentary of his people.
He used his camera to capture people's souls, their moods, their daily strugges, their lives..
When I look at his pics, it's clear that they are not rehearsed, they are natural shots, I get to see the way some people live in Brazza and it reminds me of Dakar.
The dibiteries, the poverty, the courage, the party atmosphere, tradition ...are all things that you will find here.
Kudos to you brotha:)
If you would like to see more of his work, click HERE

Djaa my Congolese brothas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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nii said...

Well the Congo gave the world the "Gentlemen of Bacongo" a few weeks ago; now its photography. Love it - the more the merrier :)