Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Love this pic

La Suite Argent

Wouldn't u love chilling there?:)

Fully modern kitchen

You guessed it ,the place is quite modern

Souki Souki (lol)

Def would feel like you were part of a fairy tale


La Suite Or

Yes I'm dreaming def' can't afford this 130-200 Euros/night lovely place but it's so beautiful and dreamy that I figured I would share it with you guys, perhaps you can afford if yes please take me with you..I promise I'll be silent lol
I love this concept by Tunisian painter Amar Ben Belgacem, he wanted to create a luxurious yet comft' place for upscale tourists so that if they wanted to visit his country they could have the option of Dar Sabri.
The house can host 10 people with four suites and a complimentary bedroom. Each suite has its Oriental/modern comfort theme ..
There's a cool pool and hammam area available, also for the price you pay you'll get the usual perks that come with staying at a great hotel:concierge, cleaning, cooking lessons,internet connection,car service,pressing ect ...
The cool thing that I like abt this concept is that Belgacem used the services of local Tunisian artisans, which showcase their work and if you are interested at the end of your stay at this Nabeul Medina your wallets :)

Djaa my Tunisian people sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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THEBYBLE said...

OUUUUUUUUUUUUUAW ça donne vachement envie^^

La déco est simple et appaisante