Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Vraiment jolie cette jeune femme

This woman is gorgeoooous !!
Jandira Sassingui,AKA Perola is an Angolan singer who sings R&B meets Kizomba. She won a Kora Award in 2005 for the category :best southern african female artist.
I don't speak Portuguese lol so it was quite hard figuring out what this woman was abt since most info abt her is in Portuguese (Pelora's people translation pleaseee) but anywhoo I gathered that she lived in Namibia,Angola, South Africa. Apart from music and the obtention of her university degree, she did a lot of tv work. She was the host of Big Brother Africa in 2007, she participated in various musical festivals in Angola, and South Africa...
Her latest cd is called Cara & seems like she's active so hopefuly we'll hear more abt her internationally in the futur:)
Here's her webbie:
You can check out her video for Doida, HERE (I added it to the blog playlist as well:)

Djaa my Angolan sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


THEBYBLE said...

Elle est vraiment jolie effectivement ^^

Anonymous said...

very gorgeous, *sighs* to have it all lol.

True Queen