Monday, April 19, 2010


Irma dans le serieux de la chose:)

21 yeard sickkkkk songwriter and acoustic guitar player, Irma was a youtube sensation
a la Dondria, Jermaine D.protegee, she caught the attention of the head of Major Company, M Goldman who signed her to his label..You just never know where success may come from so you have to stay ready so you never have to get ready...:)

She took piano classes at 7 years old in her native Yaounde , when she moved to France at 15, she started writing songs in her bedroom with her father's guitar..and now the rest is history ..:)

She got signed in 2008 but you know sometimes you have 2 let projects mature before you put them out there.Irma and her label were trying to find the best producer for her album, someone who would understand the raw nature of her music, that person turned out 2 be Lenny Kravitz's producer,Henry H. who fell in love with her voice on her original song "Letter to the world"..

She went to NY for 3 weeks worked on her upcoming album. If you like Asa you may dig her as well, of course they are 2 different African artists but they both have meaningful messages .
She is currently on tour and assuring the first parts of concerts with Diams, Amel Bent, Tete,Hindi Zahra...
If you are in the France area btw now and May def' try to catch here, here's her blog where you'll find dates of concerts, info ect:
You can view her youtube page, HERE
Djaa my sisters from Cameroun sont dedans :)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Ms. Chouette said...

Yeah for a Cameroonina sister making it big. I am very happy for her. She has a fantastic voice!

Anonymous said...

Yaye c est le drapeau du Togo!

Yayemarie said...

Thank u anonymous..u are right lol...ohlala sometimes I lose my head ..thank u thank u, changed it:)