Sunday, April 11, 2010


When I read the story of Meriem Ben Salah, I was reminded of the importance of determinatio and tenacity. Meriem comes from a modest and loving Tunisian family of 4 . Indeed, she thank her parents for giving her with a lot of love the tools of success. She remenbers her father taking her to school , picking her up 4 days a week and studying with her each night as a litte girl .
His love and his belief in her are some of the key factors that helped her become the woman that she is today and a Mechanical Engineering doctorate student at the Berkley University.

Right after high school, she was awarded a scholarship from the German cultural center to pursue a Bachelor of Sciences and Master in Computational Engineering Science in Germany. She had a first "American taste" , after a stint at the Uni of Nebraska as a an exchange student and decided there to apply at Berkley Uni where' she's currently pursuing a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, Solid Mechanics Minors in Mathematics and Computer Science.
Her doctorate project consists on medical softwate reaseach which could help radiologists and surgeons cure cerebral attacks.

If like meyou are not too fond of math , you may think" heavy stuff", maths and I don't mesh well so when I come across a woman who's gifted in that area I can't help but be a fan. That being said, it's not the only reason why I wanted to write a post about Meriem, her drive is amazing. She left her North African home at 17, and is living all these beautiful and challenging experiences, no wonder why she was chosen in the year 2009 as the best Tunisian student

Her goal in the years to come, is to return to Tunisia and found her own labatory, train other Tunisian students and help them through the funding of research projects.
When I read her blog and look at the pictures , I see an artsy,intelligent strong willed happy girl who enjoys life. As you know, sometimes we tend to put people in boxes,and want them to act a certain way because that's the vision we have of people who are in that I thank u Meriem for this lesson:)
Here's her blog, you can share her reflections on her journey at Berkley:

Djaa my Tunisian sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)
*Thank u Allah for this gift

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