Monday, April 19, 2010


Rocky and her parentsRocky and her father, Chief Adjedu
Rocky with her family and the movie co-directors
Rocky at her high school graduation w/her aunt and mother

Filmmakers Musa Syeed and Yoni Brooks followed the life of Rocky from NY to Ghana right after her high school graduation.Having lived and been raised in America all her life, Rockyatou had a hard time as a 17 years old girl, being micro-managed by her mama, a savy beauty shop owner. Living in a rather care free culture, Rocky wasn't used to the African tradional ways,she wanted to feel as independent as any American girl. She did things that I wouldn't even dare try to do in front of my parents, things like sucking her teeth at her u know that in Africa that's like a big no-no...
Her mother, Auntie Yaa was not having it,conflicts set off between the two women. The summer right after her high school graduation, Rocky goes visit her father who is now a well respected chief in Ghana.
She expected to live the life of a spoiled princess in her home country and realises that African traditions and coutumes follow her everywhere, there's no way to get away from it.
You know how it is when we live in our African continent, you have to respect hierarchy, the elders, and so many other social rules.
When she finally returned to the States, Rocky joins Dickinson College where she currently is a junior studying women and gener studies as well as the VP of the African-American Society.
After having experienced loneliness on campus, long hours of study,Rocky finally came to realise during the documentary that all her mama wanted through her tough love was to equip with her the tools she will need to navigate through life.
Autie Yaa also understood that she wasn't losing her daughter but gaining a mature version of Rocky:)

You can also catch an interview of Rocky w/CNN, HERE

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