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The charity founder, Mrs Roseline Ndoro and Shingai( Noisettes)
Makossi, Big Brother Finaliste 2005

Bag designer N'damus presented Chingai with a custom made bag..
(very nice by the way)

Olivier Mtukudzi that we don't need to introduce anymore,
received the lifetime achievement award

Danai from Ndeipi PR
Zimbabwean singer Rozalla Miller
Eddie Kadi and Zimbabwean MC Glorianne Francis

The Noisettes

I would like to thank sista Taponeswa , friend to the blog who was kind enough to share these pictures and the humanitarian world of Roseline Ndoro with us, diarama sis:)

Roseline Ndoro, another extraordinary African woman giving back to her community.
Roseline visited her homeland of Zimbabwea in 2005 and left feeling distraught by the poverty, the illetarte state she witnessed. You have to realize that Zimbabwea has the highest rate of children victims to HIV.
In 2006, she was diagnosed with cancer, while she was going through the tiring period of chemoteraphy her husband abruptly died. This could have lead to total discouragement, but no,Roseline visited a second time in 2007 her land came back and decided that she had to do something. She shared her plans with her 3 children, took her early retirement and planned her first fund-raising event . She managed to raise 900 Pounds, this proved 2 her that if she believed in her project money would come.
The Ndoro Children's charities plans to build a children academy at the end of this month and they need you and you and you. There are so many things you can do to help, you can set up your own fundraising page,you can sponsor a child by sending 2 pounds..yes 2 pounds can def' help. You can also volunteer your time and talent to primary school students in Zimbabwea and Ghana.
Roseline and her team organize cool fundraising events with UK, Zimbabwean personalities such as Chingai, Olivier Mtukudzi ect. The latest event took place on April 1st at the Westbury Hotel and attracted the cream of the Zimbabwean cultural crop. Last year Michelle Williams attended and supported Roseline's efforts.
The N.C.C organization launched on February, an after school program for British students age 13-18 to learn through a theatrical production about what happens in the rest of the world.
If you are in the UK area be on the lookout on October 2010 they will showcase what they learned during th N.C.C annual agal.

Their website is awesome, the information is clear, donnors and sponsors know where their money goes on a section called "Policy for use of funds" (I like that)
You can also win tickets to attend the World Cup 2010 by texting NDOROCC to 60999 for 5.50 pounds.Your name will be entered in a prize draw and who knows you may win..:)
Visit their site, you'll hear the stories of Sarudzai a zim' teenager who lost both her parents to AIDS and who's taking care of her sibblings, or the story of Alicius a little boy who suffered severe burns to his face following an accident.
Here's their webbie:
Check out their youtube chanel, HERE

Djaa my Zimbabwean sistas know how to give back:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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