Sunday, April 25, 2010


Miss Sophie & I's friendship time over lunch

Sophie had chicken and atieke (Ivoirian dish)

Please try the pilli pilli shrimp if you do go

So my friend Sophie and I decided to have lunch a L’Endroit a panafrican restaurant by la VDN in Dakar. I had been there be once at night to catch Phillipe Monteiro and his band

(awesome Cap Verdean singer), and it’s a total different atmosphere. At nights, it turns into a warm place, loud very loud actually with groups of friends who come together to eat , drink, laugh and dance even bare -foot lol..

So back to my lunch with the very beautiful friend Sophie.... We started of with appetizers, we both chose the pilli pilli shrimp dish (delicious ) I would recomend it , a bit spicy but really really, good.

The restaurant serves both occidental and african food. I was in the mood for occidental but after tasting Sophie’s dish I would recomend the African food, there’s a bit of Ivoirian cusine feel to their if you are in the mood for that go there:)

Here’s their info:

SICAP, VDN 4440 VDN Amitié
Tél. : 33 824 6425



Same Moonlight for Our Dreams said...

Phillipe Monteiro !! Lucky you!!
Pili Pili Shrimp!!
Ca donne l'eau a la bouche!!!

Pagne said...

Je connais bien le restaurant surtout qu'ils font des plats camerounais aussi - Je dirais à Yves ( le proprio ) que tu lui fais de la pub- Bisous ma belle ( by the way on se fait un restau quand?)

Anonymous said...

hi dear, interestin review :d i'm lookin 2 come 2 dakar next weekend for the dak'art festival and was wonderin if u cud recommend some must see places/ attraction completely unique to dakar... restaurant, shisha spots(do they do shisha there?), fashion etc will come back 2 check 4 ur reply. lotsa luv from Lagos