Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Very Pretty

Black & White Raye

Elle est jolie hein

Chapurin Fall/Winter 2010

Elite Model Card

Beauty EditorialAu centre

Antonio Maras/Fall 2010

Teen Vogue Editorial

Her campaign for Uniqlo brand

Miss Moreira is an 18 years old lucky young lady, picture this you want to model, you've been told by your entourage that you should but you are shy and not quite sure how u can make it..so come in the Elite /France annual competition looking for you, so what do you do?

If you have the guts a la Kelly you send in phone pics of yourself online, and if the stars are aligned you get picked and become of the top finalist. You don't win the competition but guess what a casting director is smitten by you so here you are modelling for Yves St Laurent, Lanvin..flying to NY to Milan ect..Bref you get the picture miss Kelly was made to model, but for that she also has to thank her team of friends who created a fan page on facebook for her, they went on a campaign to get their "sista" elected during the Elite competition. (mind you she was also preppin for her bacaulaureate degree)

Kelly wanted to pursue a degree in foreign languages but with her international career it's quite difficult to juggle both so for now she's focusing on the modelling career.
As of now she got 2 main campaigns Uniquo and a home equipment campaign, those are important to her because not only is she proud to see her ads but that's where the real income comes in.
Looking forward to seeing more in the future cosmopolite fashion shows
Take a look at her fan page : HERE

Djaa my Cap Verdean sistas sont dedans :)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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Beauty Is Diverse said...

I like kelly she's on the macy's hot list right now.