Sunday, April 18, 2010


Kenna Singer, Founder of the Summit on Summit Organization

We take it granted ,but millions of people are dying each day
of water-related diseases

Jessica Biel right behind Kenna clowning

Kenna & JT supporting the cause and his gal Jessica

Kenna meeting congresswoman Nita Lowey to talk about ways to raise awareness about the global clean water crisis

Songwriter Santigold& ElizabethGore were also part of the extraordinary group
of Kilimandjaro mountain climbers

Lup Fiasco,Isabel & Kenna

Lupe & Kenna

Pharell didn't climb the mountain but he supported his friend at a party launching
this historical event

Photographer Jimmy Chin,Lupe actress Isabel Lucas and celebrity trainer JasonWalsh

Jessica Biel , Lupe and actor Emile Hirsh

I was floored with admiration after watching parts of the "Summit on Summit" documentary.
I knew that Kenna was a talented full of energy Ethiopian American singer but I didn't know his humanitarian,calm and collected side. This historical mountain climbing event took place because of a single conversation he had with his father . His papa wanted to build a well in Ethiopia to fight the waterborne diseases; in fact he lost his own brother and friends to infected water.

You know how sometimes you can get an"aha moment" from a conversation, well that's what happened 2 Kenna. He wanted to be involved and help his people send out a strong message that would resonate with the world.
That's how the idea to climb up the Kilimandjora mountain came about, he enlisted his celeb friends, people like Elizabeth Gore, Michael Muller,Jessica Biel, Santigold, Emil Hirsh,Alexandra Cousteau,Kick Kennedy a total with the rest of the UN people, the medical team ect there were around 300 people , on day 6 of this adventure they stood tall, proud,
tired, sick at 19,340 Ft...
Through the documentary, one can see that it wasn't an easy journey, they had to train really hard prior to going to Africa, at some point during those 6 days some felt discouraged, they cried, Kenna worried for them, worried that he was maybe putting them at risk..but they did it.
I know personally it makes me look at clean water differently, with more respect , I think of others who may not have the chance to drink clean water regularly.
There are ways for you and I to help:
You can buy Summit on Summit merchandise:
You can also text send to 90999 to make a one time 10$ donnation
Here's their dopeeeeee official website, one of the best sites I've seen:
If you would like to catch some of the videos documentating their journey,
click HERE

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