Thursday, April 29, 2010


Goree & its love for color

Over 200 chorists were on the Island
2 weather was perfect

Choeurs Pro

Rica & Bigue
Goree a place where souls cried,laughed but sang during the suffering , the solitude,the fear…..songs of freedom,of redemption,songs of hope..Goree!

That’s the place the panafrican choir Afrikiyo chose to host their first anual Afrikiyo festival,and it was lovelyyyyy..the weather was on point, the different choirs were on point, they sang in french in woloff,in serere,in english, zulu but most importantly they sang from the heart.

Afrikiyo is a multicultural” happy” group of people of all ages,sizes,colors,ethinicities but they all share this love for God whether Muslim or Christian,whether Congolese or Cap Verdean..they know that the only constant thing in life is our love for the Allmighty.

Watching them support each other,giggle and smile with each other one can def’ tell that they enjoy this special gift that is singing in harmony.

Special mention to their president Evelyne Damas who’s doing an awesome job with this choir..makes me wanna join..but noo can’t sing lol:)

Prior to the concert various choirs from Senegal were invited for a week to spend some time on the Island 2 learn more abt what it takes to be in a choir,to lead a’s clear that they take it seriously:)

Don’t get me wrong we were not facing people that aren’t living on earth,no!they dance and by dance I mean dance.We def’ got a treat when the men choir called “Choeur Pro” showed us that they could wine and dance just as much as the moderation people lol..just enough and with class..:)

My friend Rica, her baby,her sis in law Bigue and I had enjoyed ourselves as much as the rest of the mixed public.The “spirit” was def’ in the place, if you are in the Dakar area and you can catch them , do not hesitate doooo,you won’t regret it..for sure:)

Here’s their webbie:

You can also catch a video of the choir singing ,HERE


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