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Butterfly Solar Cooking System

Hot Water Solar Supply SystemFatim teaching them change is good

Fatim Jibbrel is another great "african soldier". Don't be fooled by her sweet smile and inviting demeanor, behind the veil and the warmth is a strong determined married mother of5, a former Goldman Prize winner celebrated for her work to end desertification in Somalia as well her strong stand against black charcoal development.
Fatim was born to a nomadic family, her father was employed in the states, that's where her mother and her joined him years later.
After high school in the states, she returned to Somalia where she worked for the governement and met her husband , a diplomat. Her husband career brought to Iraq where she decided to use her free time studying at a university in Syria. When they moved back to the States, she finished both her bachelor and Masters in social work..and mind you she has 5 children..so it is possible we can do it all if we have the determination!!

As this was not enough her husband and her decided that they needed to actively help their country through their organization called "Horn Relief". Through this grassroots ONG they help women be more active politically and socially.
In Somali , the economy is also suffering from the foreign over-exploitation of the marine ressources and the dumping of toxic wastes in the water.
Fatim and her team know that education is key, they talk to the pastoral youth, they inform them on human rights. They also talk to women , help them gain self confidence and collective confidence,teach the people how to resolve through conversations conflicts ect...

One of their main fights is against the traffic of black charcoal;this has resulted in a severe desertification of the Somali land. Since the civil war , black gold as it's been called has been very popular in Somali, it was the number uno source of exportation. However this resulted in fightings, drought , poverty.
This is where their second organziation "Sun Fire Cooking" comes in,they are trying to get Somali people to use solar cookers and supply solar hot water heaters. Since 2008 they've been working in the Sanaag region, a dry region affected heavily by the production of black charcoal.
SunFire Cooking relies heavily on change of atitude of the villagers who are having a hard time ajusting to new ways of cooking.. change is always hard isn't it?!!
Here are her official sites:
You can watch the trailer for the Charcoal Traffic, HERE

Djaa my Somali sistas sont trop dedans:)
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Divalocity said...

Deforestation destroys many of our homelands, which produces floods, often ending up in crop destruction, which then leads to starvation when people can no longer sustain themselves. For some they have no choice but to use the resources available to them, for others the destruction of our forest and other natural resources is strictly based on greed. They don't care who they displace just as long as there is money to be made