Thursday, April 15, 2010


Marguerite Abouet
They help the children with their homework
The library in Abidjan

I love this pic of this little girl reading a book

Not only am I a fan of the "Aya de Yopougon" comic book series but I'm also a fan of the humanitarian author behind her, Marguerite Abouet. By the way if you haven't heard, the 5th volume of the sensational l Aya D.Y series came out, grab it, grab it!!

I love that Marguerite didn't stop at her blooming litterature career but went one step above by giving back to her community . Marguerite wanted children to grow up loving litterature, each one of these libraries that she is in the process of building will be equiped with computers , internet connection children monitors which will lead ateliers/workspops. In each one of these free libraries, children will find the peace and quiet to do their homeworks, they'll find novels, dictionaries, games ect.

She opened her first library in Abidjan, and plans to open as many as possible in other parts of Ivory Coast and Africa as a whole.
What I love about her story is that she never planned the success of Aya, all she knew is that she wanted to write a story abt her experience as an Ivoirian. She wrote couple of pieces , showed to her friend and cartoonist/co-writer Clement Oubrerie, he liked drew a bit , showed it to her , and the rest is history.

Wishing her the best:)
If you do speak french and would like to learn more bt her, check this video/interview:
Djaa our Fabulafricanas are doing their thang:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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