Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Aight Rachel..nice tummy action!

Posing for the cams!

Rachel and sista

Don't they always say that you could be sure to find African people e..ve..ry..where...!!
Well, here comes a sista by the name of Rachel Luttrell who evolves in fiction of course, on the planet Athos...Sci-Fi fans may know her as Teyla Emmagan...
Rachel is the product of the union btw a Canadian dada and an Tanzanian mummy, some of you may have seen in episodes of ER, Charmed, etc...

But no worries If TV shows were not to work out for her, she's also a trained ballet dancer....:)
Anywhoo if you wanna know more about here, here's the official website for Stargate:

Djaa Tanzanian Sistas are doin' their thang hun:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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Anonymous said...

heya. i love this site and it is indded a celebration of our succsess. i am from the south. Joburg. but Hats of to Rachel.

one of the greatist actresses if not THE greatist i have and will ever know. :)