Monday, August 27, 2007


Miss Dorothy Ghettuba!

Another breath fresh air...I wasn't very familiar w/kenyan funky modern clothing until I discovered to online fashion boutique owned by 1 pretty Kenyan sista Dorothy Ghettuba and her guyanese partner/friend Maggie Duncan thus the dorothyduncan e- fashion hizzy :)

I love the fact they are both young business modern women of 29 and 28 years old....I dare anybody to say that we're not bold....yep that's the new generation of women...!!

Dorothy was inspired by the lack of e- African fashion boutiques for the women of this era...still modern, but w/a bit funk that we can wear to the office, on a date...that still say that we are African but doesn't necessarly scream it ..u dig..subtility is the key peeps:)

Attention African fashion designers they are looking for interesting designers to feature on their boutique, so if you know any or may be interested keep them in mind..

Right now they're featuring amonf others a Kenya fashion house called Kimila Africa...(dresses, tunics, funcky bright colors ..price go from 30$ to 70$ least on what I've seen for now....)
Here's their mission in Dorothy's words:

"The vision of our company is to become and internationally recognised brand with a global presence. Become a company whose products help our clients feel good about themselves and who they are. We want to create a memorable experience for our customers by giving them access to clothes and pieces that are culturally diverse, unique and stylish."

aight ladies I feel you.....!!

For those of you interested here's their webbie:

Djaa the Kenya-Guyanese duo is fiyaaaaa :)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


BeautyinBaltimore said...

I love it!

Ladybrille said...

Hey woman! I have been so busy I have not had a chance to check one of my favorite blogs in a while, YOURS! I see you are still holding it down. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

ummm hi...i really like youu style i libe in the usa going onto college and want to try something different love you style and i will be dropping bye soon