Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Love this cover..hip sexy yet confident

Go Obama
That's right it is his time,whether he wins or not ( I am supporting him either way)
he's def'made history and shown that America is finally ready to
consider a black man as a President.
You know that being from African descant I will claim him on my bloggie lol...

Anywhoo you know what I didn't much about the issues he stands for, so I decided to make a small trip in his person'webbie and see what he stands for.

Well for1 he's against the presence of American troops in Irak and will make it his goal to get them out of there (yessss finally someone who understands that you cannot fight people who aren't scared of death)

Now the immigration part-(u know I had 2 hear what he had 2 say) so he wants to tighten the borders which make sense and help the immigrants who are in the States by providing some of the same rights that Americans have.

Of course education, healthcare system issues are on the table as they should
Anywhoo wanna know more:

Djaa my Kenyan Brothas are doin it hun:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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