Friday, August 17, 2007


The pretty Nadia Buari

Ahhh our African Beyonce & Ciarra and Raj ...!!
lol oh this movie made me cryyyyy..the saga btw Beyonce played by the beautiful Nadia Buari and Ciarra played by the gorgeous Jackie Appiah...of course we gotta talk about

butterscoth cutie Van "ciarrrrraaaa I looooveee you"...yep homeboy was dying btw agony , love, anger, taking back mean beyonce, crying over sup' dead Ciarra...ahhhh you gotta see it..!!

A lot of people argue that Ghanaian movies are better nigerian movies...I wouldn't say that...

it's still the same formula, boy love girl, girl love boy , boy is poor, or girl is poor society doesnt agree w/their union, mean mother in law will destroy it by any mean possible (you know what i mean..voodoo, marabout, lol..anything goes)

Going back to this movie, it'll have you giggling, laughing, crying if you are a sucker for romance like me but it'll def keep you in ur toes.

By now most African peeps who live in the States have heard or have seen the movie, for those who haven't here's a little tease:

Here's the official webbie for Nadia Buari:
Oh and if you don't have access to the corner African movie store, try
they have it available

Djaa my Ghanaian people are doin' it hun:)
Eyee Wayee:)


abigail said...

hi´ nadi i like u i´m abigail fugah i´m fan from u iwatched y´r movies i live in germany may the god jehovah bleess u continiu do the great work don´t listen what the people say´s your so pretty from abigail fugah colonge karl-benz-str3 50827 send me some pictures come and visit us i was 14 on the 8th december

Anonymous said...

Ilike the beyonce but it is sad but in real life you are friends with ciarra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but in the movie you treated ciarra like a slave that was a sad movie that I almost cried!!

nana ama said...

sup nadi gurl,dis is prisy ryt frm ur home country.wel,jus want u 2 kno d@u'r gr8(i kno u kno d@ alredi)u'r a natural actress and i luv da way u act

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey i love ur films joh i thought i wouldnt understand ur accent bt i love u guys especialy rajj