Friday, August 31, 2007


The Ugandese Writter Monica Arac de Nyeco

What is up with the ladies born in 1979 ...they all seem to be doing the damn thing hun...

Monica Arac De Nyeco is the well deserving winner of the Annual Caine Prize Award which celebrates African writters...she won the cash prize of $20,000 sweettttt!!

In the story "Jambula Tree"she talks about 2 young girls who fall in love w/each other in an African society that of course condems it..

Mmm that's a pretty bold topic coming from an African sista I def' want to read it and see how she approached this topic.
In her other story "Strange Fruit"she talks through the characters of a soldier who's retuning to his country totally broken by the Ugandese conflict...

Like she says , she can only talk about what she knows,what she feels, raised in Uganda the conflict is part of her making...Even today as an adult having lived in various countries such as Sudan , the Netherland where she got both a bachelor and 1 master's degree in humaniarian assistance.

Her writting stylo is musical -lyrical..I am def' looking forward 2 reading her now.

Djaa the sistas from Uganda are more fiyaaa:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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