Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The Woman by Whom the Fashion Frenzy started, Adama Paris in the middle:)

Hey isn't that my chick, Miss Mame Kewe

White always comands attention!

The Suit designer Soufyno..looking mighty sharp w/his tailor brouhahaha

Mr Adu reppin , looking like a budding Wall Street mandingo

Kewe for Rkia Al Bent!

I have 2 say that I'm becoming a fan of Miss Rkia

Walk it out, do the Naomi Campbell the lol

Our designers look good hun, Ndiaga for FITT

Senegalese Brothas are just point of even trying to hate, their swagger is undeniable

Audu and his signature grin...mmm yeah aight

Yep...a few of my girlfriends went and told me about it, thank you Miss Faty & Mrs Diop. for bringing it up to my attention .

Anywhoo this was the result of the hard work of Adama Paris,
a Fabulafricana sista , from the beloved country of Leopold S.who decided to win this audacious bet.

.Of course you know us African people we alway have 2 criticize each other right?:(

well in this case, there were talks of her claiming that 2 show would feature Naomi, Zidane etc ..who didn't show up..but what the heck!!

I think that even without these celebs, the show went on...

maybe next time let's just be realistic...!

The Fashion week showcased fashion veterans such as Dasha Nicoue, new -comers

Eva Goudiaby, Soufyno, Rkia Al Bent from Marocco ( I did a post about her a while back..nicee) and others from India, Guyanne...etc....

Also Senegalese models, Mame Kewe M. and Adu Cherif were there to help rep' for their homecountries..that's right if you can do it elsewhere proudly , do it at home as well and encourage others.

I say congrats, wish I was there but next time Inch'Allah:)

Djaa we Have our own Fashion Week in Kardacity:)

Eyee Wayeee:)

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Sophie Sy said...

c dommage que i left dakar right before the fashion week! I heard that it was fantastic though..I think it's a great initiative not only for fashion but also it could be great for raising funds for the talibes, and less fortunate ppl.
Sis u keep me hooked on ur blogg!
gro bizou