Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Looking good in her 40's

Don't like the bow action on her but she still looks good

She dresses very age apropiate!

I love this dress and the belt is very smart

Never heard about her before but it seems like this 44 year old woman is famoussss in Italy , first for being a reknown former model(Valentino, Yves St Laurent,Cavalli etc)..
she explained that the fashion indsustry didn't know how 2 welcome her at first because of her Muslim faith..but she was able to show them that it didn't prevent her from doing her job.
She is 1 respeced a tv host in Italy, a producer and a columist for the Italian Vanitiy Fair.
She has also designs her own line of swimsuits..
she was able to create for herself a great career and bring a positive spotlight on Tunisia mostly at times as these when Italians complain about clandestine Maghrebienne immigration....

Anyways go Mrs.Afef Jninen:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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