Friday, August 17, 2007


The Author Laila Lalami!

'Xuse Me Miss What Is Your Name: Laila Lalami
'Xuse Me Miss Which African Country are you reppin: Marocco
'Xuse Me Miss What do you do: Writter for such reputable newspapers as the New York Times, the Lost Angeles Time...etcc
'Xuse Me Miss what's so special about you: First Maroccan Writter to have her work received w/great commercial enthusiasm in America. She's the author of "Hope and other Dangerous Pursuits" which has been translated in 5 languages..not bad hun!!

This book is about 4 Maroccan people who try to escape the misery of their lives by attempting to cross the mean interesting haven't read it yet... but will :)

To a certain degree we all can relate to issues of immigration African peeps?:)
I read an interview of her in Jeune Afrique which was quite interesting, she said that her biggest fear was "to die before having had the chance to writte everything that she would want to writte"
deep , she's def' in love w/Mr Ink and Mrs Paper...:)

And to those in California, she's an assistant professor at the University of California..
check out her site for her appearances...could be very interesting!!

I love writters who blog so here is her link:

Djaa Maroccan Women are doin' it as well:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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