Tuesday, August 14, 2007


These are just examples, he has tones of flavors and products....

Guyava jam...mmmmm

Cotton Oil...interesting


Tamarin Juice...love sme some tamarin


Writtng this post is so refreshing to me...this is so cool ...
I love Mr Moriba Ouendeno's wonderful project and edible gourmet food line called
"Saveurs d'Afrique"of spices, fruity drinks, coffee, liquors, oil, teas
and take this South Beach and co...frozen food...
America , Europe....what you got now???:)

But please can we get this at the local grocery stores in NY so that
I don't get stuck wanting to cook some yassa or some mafe at 10 :PM a bon entendeur...:)

Anywhoo..so after graduating with a degree in biochemistry ,
Ouendeno driven by a desire to be independent and to bring his own touch towards the dev' of our continent, worked very hard I'm sure to perfect and position
"Saveurs D'Afrique"....


I was so amazed when I visited his webbie and surprised that no one ever told me about this the other cool thing about his company is that most products are bought from Africa,

Mr James Shimati. the kenyan brotha that I talked a while back and who was saying that we should help ourselves by using our own ressources could be prooud of this brotha...wonderful..wonderful...

I mean not only does he use our own ressources but he gives jobs to people back at home...I think that thr brotha is from Guinea , if anybody knows for sure let me know..thank you:)
For more info:

This is what I call a thiof; handsome, gifted, hard-working...go Mr Ouendeno:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Sophie Sy said...

wow i visited his website..The products seem delicious! I wish he shipped in ny though! he would have my support 100% especially that he's helping create jobs bak home.