Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Thandy & her hubby

Thandy and her beautiful daughter

Thandy this summer @ Industry Party

Thandy , this summer @ London's Fashion Week

Thandy, feb 19th @ Britsh Academy Awards Ceremony

Thandy , Feb 18th @ industry party

Thandy , feb 17th fashion event (this gal doesn't sleep)

Thandy feb' 16th Bazaar mag' party

Thandy Feb 15th event

Thandy, Jan. 29th at the Screen Awards Show

Some of you may know already..and some not..but Thandie is mixed: she's part Zimbabwean and part English.

She's been in so many movies, such as Mission Impossible II, Interview with a Vampire, but her 2 roles that I remenber her most for are :Beloved (if you haven't seen it..u have 2) & Crash (a superb masterpiece about social inequalities & race issues).... her...I don't think that she's received her dues in the states totally but hey great actresses sometims wait till they're no longer here to be recognised.

She's married to director Olive Parker and has 2 daughters.

Djaa le Zimbabwe est dans le chaud:)

Eyee Wayee:)

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