Thursday, November 16, 2006


Original piece by S.Ouedrago , "Maternite" (......mmm snappin my fingers that's deep!)

Original Piece by S.Ouedrago, "Cri de detresse" (poignant!)

Original Piece by S.Ouedrago "Excision" (dat's deep ..its my personal belief that women should not go through that !)

At the suggestion of 1 the readers (thank uJoel from the UK) I took the time to find out a little more about a sista du Fasso who's been doin' the damn thing in the world of Painting.

At today 31 years old , Suzanne is considered to be the first lady of painting in Burkina Fasso.
For those who are familiar with her work, I'm sure you've noticed that 1 theme that keeps coming back is the representation of animals and maybe u've wondered why.

Well our paintress 's father was actually a veterinary surgeon...thus the
recurent theme of animals.

Suzane also wants to show through her work in full measure, the various emotions that human beings go through on the regular (both positive and negative)

Well i find it cool that a young sista is holding it down in the painting world.

Go on's the limit!

Djaa les gos du Burkina sont dans le chaud aussi:)

Eyee Wayeee:)

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