Thursday, November 02, 2006


Sylvia Owori at SA Fashion Week

The beautiful Kaone

The Nokia Finalists & Sylvia

Sylvia O. Haute Couture collection

Sylvia Owori Haute Couture Collection

Let me start of by saying how excited I am to introduce you to the work of Sylvia Oworo.
I am so impressed by us African women (y'all just don't know ...every time I discover somebody new 2 me, Im just "aux anges" excited....)

La "Syliva Owori" is a reknown fashion designer, mag' mogul, owner of the most popular model agency in Uganda "Ziper Models" ...

She's the perfect example of "the sky's limits" She started by studying fashion in London , and once she moved back to Uganda rich of her experience abroad and her stays in the States and Europe she took on the challenge to revamp the "Miss Uganda Pageant" starting in 2001. Today she offers both a street wear collection and haute-couture collection.

Another cool fact about her is that she actually created the costumes in the
"Last King of Sctoland "movie ..What better source than the source itself hun...?

Anywhoo..wanna know more about her:

Djaa l'Uganda est dans le chaud:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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BabyBear said...

As a born and raised Ugandan, I have to say finally Hollywood gets Africa. "Last King of Scotland" and Forrest's perfomance was authentic but Miss Kerry Washington was unbelievable. Ugandans don't even believe that she's American. Her perfomance; speech, body language was REAL!!! She's got my oscar or rather my BEAR!!!