Wednesday, November 15, 2006


L'Algeriene Faiza Guene
Du Reve pour les Oufs!

I read an article not too long ago about the fact that Immigrants writters tend to talk more about nos "deboires" (setbacks) immigration wise..our experiences in a different environment , nos "galeres", the way people tend to treat us in their countries, the lack of money, missing home or not even knowing home , the little jobs that we for the most part had to take, the deportation that some of us unfortunately had to go thru, ...bla bla

but here's my question if that's our reality..isn't it what we are supposed to talk about?

.....Ok I get their point , there are other things in life apart from that...but What?

*the love shitt?
* the money ish?
* the growing up?

But 'xuse my ignorance ..but aren't all these things ....stages we live through during our migration..
the only thing is that the "AMUL OR AMNA VISA FACTOR"is w/us at all time..

So it's kinda asking to talk about ....I dont know .....that notion of... total freedom or or life without that aspect of a little unreal...if that's our reality or the 1 of our family or friends...

You feel me...!!

Anyways back to the book (sorry I kinda got caught up in my ramblings) so Faiza Guene is part of that new generation of "beur writters" (beur=arab )who dare to vent..let out a cry, have their voices heard, and their experiences known to whoever can nod their head in approval and say I've been there...

This is her 2nd novel, it's about a 25 year old young woman who's struggling to make it france thorughout small little jobs, the love thing, a father who lost his mind due to an accident, and a rebellious bro'
Djaa la litterature beur est dans le chaud aussi)
Eyee Wayee:)

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