Monday, November 20, 2006


Menswear N.Diaw (Okhoo that's what Im talkin 'bout a bit of modernins and of afrospunk)
Menswear Issues (mm...where are u going sir?)

Menswear M.Kra (def' proud 2 be african..but 1 too much for me )

Menswear Hector P. (relaxed and sexy reppin for South Africa)

Menswear Holmes Brother (love the bag..only 1 few men can carry that style thu)

Menswear Sigil (bcp de sel en tout cas..nice fade brotha)

Menswear Proxy (lovely for saturday or sunday morning brunch)

Menswear Jhonty (cute but not my style)

Menswear Manthiagaye (Okhoo...dat's what im talkin bout can go from modernins to tradional sans without sweating)
Menswear Craig Port (Sexy all the way baby)

Menswear Zuloe (Where are u going? ca va hein...)

Menswear Colle Ardo Sow (Def' Elegant!)

Menswear Ruff Tung (En tout cas coment)

Menswear Viyella (Why can't all men dress like dat..dat does the trick)

Menswear Sun Goddess (Tradional & Proud)

I don't care what anybody says..African men are the sharpest and the most elegant period..!!
I'm pretty sure that all the ladies would agree with me when I say that:

We can get mad @ them as much as we want, but when it comes down to taking good care of themselves our men represent ....always..on all times..period!
Let's give it up for :
-the Senegalese men sweet, sexy and coquin sense of style (be aware of sharp galsen bro w/a sense of style...)

-The Ivory Coast, togolais, beninois lost boyz love for the chemises carelles & the westons
- the Malians , Burkina Fasso,love of Sebago & shirts bogolan and waxx style
-the Naja & Ghana guys neo-soul vibe
- the Ethiopians & Somalian beautiful feautres
- Nigerien love of elegant subtle silver gourmettes and chains
- the North American from Morocco, tunisie , algerie..nice complexion,tunic wear as well as the babouches
- the South African men, Botwsana guyz relaxed and sexy style, and afro wear
-the Guinean guyz and their beautiful complexions, and boy don't let them waer "grand boubou"...mmm danger!
-The Cap Vert boyz w their beautiful eyes and their zouk and funana skills
-The Congolose and Zairois sense of the "too much" (believe it or not it makes them kinda cute)
If I've missed anybody , please let me know ..I'll be sure 2 rep' for your people!
Im telling y'all our men are the best!!
Djaa African Men are It Period:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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