Wednesday, November 01, 2006


A young Oum Khaltoum

Oum.Khaltoum w/her scarf (her trademark)

English Version of the book
(gotta read it people!!)

French Version of the book

"I loved you for your voice"....thus started the book by Selim Nassib which recounts the passionate love story between Oum Khatloum & Ahmad Rami 1 of the poets who wrote her songs.

I loved the book , I find myself at time despising the personage of Rami that I found weak, possesed.... and at other times I found myself wanting to tell him to let that woman go..

I also find myself admiring the bond between Khaltoum and the people of Egypt who were going through political and economic changes.

Her love is not even strong.her PASSION for her gift of music is crazyyy..admirable, anoying at turns, selfish, obsessional, but HONORABLE.

She's a woman passionate about her music, born to sing, in charge of her mission in Egypt, devoted to her people, alone, sad, lovable.
It made me actually wanna hear her voice and feel the same passion as she felt & made the people of Egypt feel.

I felt a great sense of piety for Rami who is also obsessional about her voice, it's not even HER as a person but her voice...but come to think of her voice was HER as a person... (you dig?)

Anywhoo great ...greattt read people..."I LOVED YOU FOR YOUR VOICE"

Wanna know more about Oum Khaltoum (english version):

French version:

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