Monday, November 13, 2006


The Honore of the night Carole Dyantyi
Carole & her children

I wish I was there..2 great women of music:)

Attention...miss Kidjo a tjrs les phases:)
Abs' Right A -Keyes miss unbreakable:)

Women of power using it for good:)

Miss Oluchi reppin for Naja (nigeria)

My favourite singer ..2 woman who gives me hope ...Angelique Kidjoe:)

On November 9th, the organisation Keep a Child Alive organised a fundraiser event to help African people who are strugglin w/Aids. Iman, A-Keyes the most prominent public spokerspersons for the cause were present, as well as my gal Angelique Kidjo who performed her soul out as usual (When am i ever gonna see this woman live..uhhh)....

Anywhoo they honored Miss Carol Dyantyi (The Angel of Mercy of Soweto) who is a savior to 400 Sowetian kids who lost their parentd to Aids...she had 5 five kids of her own but took on the admirable responsabilty to not turn her back to kids in need...that's the beauty of the soul:)

For more info on Carol D.:
Djaa some non-profit DO GIVE A DAMN 'BOUT AFRICAN PEEPS:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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