Saturday, June 14, 2008


African Finesse!
Aight Juanito:)

Such a cutie
Nice Smile

Of couse, beautiful body, beautiful lips, long eyelashes, he may be just 23 years old but as Aaliyah age is nothing but a number, through his texts , one could see his maturity and sensitivity..he talks about how things were not easy for his parents when they imigrated to France..and the superficial side of modeling ect... He has roots in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal..he could only be a beautiful African soldier. Brotha has 2 Master's Degrees in International Commerce
& Techniques de Commercialisation, he's into sports, has modeled for the brand Unkut, Ahmed Bel A., done editorial work for black frenchie mags...
If you didn't know in France a lot of our African sistas and brothas who are models are fortunate to have ethnik designers and mags that give them work..

Anywhoo here's his online book: (There's a little video clip of him )

Djaa my African brothas sont dedans koi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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