Saturday, June 14, 2008


I was sold when I listened to her version of Nina Simone's song
"I put a spell on you" (great adaptation of that song) Her music is a fusion btw electronics and Arabic music, maybe the fact that her mother is British and her dad Egyptian can explain the modernity of her sound..

She grew up in the Maroccan side of Bruxelles, after her parent's divorce she moved to Sussex England.Through her various trips to Turquey, Greece, & the Middle East she perfected her sound and little by little made a name of herself w/her local appearances in clubs.

After working w/various producers, she finally got a break w/her hit
"Mon Amie La Rose"
She's quite popular in Egypt, they get to listen to her voice on various local soap operas
Through her various albums, her music evolves, she goes from classical, to pop Hindi, reggae, quite interesting artist , I'm wondering I never took the time to listen to her before.

At 44 years old married to Syrian musican Abdullah Chhadeh, Natacha is a woman who knows herself, she's proud of her dual heritage . When she was younger, she was trying to repress her belonging to the Arabic world , but as she grew she realized that it made her who she was..
She's been appointer UN Ambassador against racism..

Here's her webbie:
Here's Natcha cover of "I Put a spell on you" (love it):
Here's her song "You only live twice":
Here she is belly dancing (watch out Shakira):

Djaa my sistas from Egypt are doin it:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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