Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yamina made knight of the legion of Honor by Sarkozi
Yamina and Rama Yade @ an event
Yamina and her hubby!
very elegant woman I gotta say:)

Yamina was born in France to Algerian parents, she considers herself a Parisian , she doesn't want to chose btw her Algerian roots and her french upbringing, matter of fact she is the mayor assistant of Paris... Added to that she's been honored and made knight in the
French order of the Legion of Honor la
st february.

Her documentary "Memoires d'Immigres" remains one of her most notable work, on that piece she focuses on Immigrant families from North Africa (Algerie, Tunisia, Maroc) the documentary is divided in 3 parts, the fathers, the mothers, & the children's testimonies...
What I learnt is that a lot of North African women didn't know much about their husband's past in France before they joined them on the path of immigration.. That's also Yamina's story, her father was a militant and was even jailed because of his political views...She knew very early on that she wanted to become a director despite her father's reluctance...

In her movie "Inch'Allah Dimanche" she pursues the theme of immigration and identity ....I heard great things about this movie actually. While fighting against discrmination on the political scene, she's also busy working on a movie called "Le Paradis c'est complet" w/ the delicious
Isabelle Adjani...
This married mother of 2 is def'a North African sista who's doing the damn thing.

Here's a scene from Inch'Allah Dimanche: Here's a little interview of Yamina Benguigui: (interesting lady)
And here's a bit of Memoires d'Immigres:

Djaa my sistas from Algeria are doing the damn thing :)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


nywele said...

I've seen Inch'allah Dimanche!
Great movie indeed!

I'll check out Memoires d'immigres....
thanks for the post :)

i am Africa™ said...

Yaye marie sounou ministre mo nekon nonou de (Rama Yade), j'aime bien comment tu mests les drapeauz a chaque debut de post !